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While many businesses have been leveraging digital technology for years, being a digital business isn’t just about using technology, it’s a mindset—an approach—to solving business problems. Your digital strategy is your business strategy. We believe there are three key things an organisation must do to become a digital business.

Adopt a digital-first mindset

The first step towards becoming a digital business is adopting a digital-first mindset. When everyone in a company embraces what is now possible through digital, the business can respond faster and deliver on the amasing, personal experiences customers now expect. A shift to a digital-first mindset puts all employees at the forefront of digital innovation. While IT should be integral to the process, it is other business units—like marketing, sales, and operations—that are increasingly leading the digital transformation. In fact, business-funded technology was expected to account for 55 percent of total IT spend in 2014 (International Data Corporation, 2014). The more successfully a company builds a digital workplace, the more likely they are to attract the talent they need and establish a digitally-minded culture to support the transformation of their business.

Reimagine business

More than simply digitizing analog processes, digital transformation requires that businesses completely rethink their operations in the modern world. This includes reimagining the customer journey to enhance how people experience your company across their entire lifecycle. Businesses must reassess their processes not only to improve efficiency and cost savings, but to decrease time to market and to differentiate their business. This had led to many organisations to evolve their business models, redefine their industries, and take on new market opportunities.

Connect everything

Connecting people, processes, things, and data across the company is the cornerstone of a digital business. It’s what enables organisations to discover unprecedented insights and deliver the experiences that delight; it’s ubiquitous collaboration. When everything is connected—from R&D, operations, marketing, and sales, through to the end customer—businesses are not only more nimble and better informed, they are able to transform themselves and their relationships with customers.