Dynamics CRM

Customer relationship management—often called CRM, CRM system, or CRM software—is a hybrid business solution that can increase sales and marketing efficiency. Think of it as a powerful set of tools, apps, and platforms that in combination drive optimisation of business intelligence, social insights, campaign management, and many other key customer relationship matters.

Experience it yourself with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM guided tour.

With a CRM system, everything from customer accounts to sales opportunities to customer leads and account activity in the cloud, plus relationships involving mobile sales, come into easy view for collaboration and rapid decision-making. Store and leverage data and analytics for the big picture on your business from many angles.

Organisations like yours need a CRM system that drives sales and powers selling capabilities, all while increasing productivity and helping your team discover social insights that lead to overall customer success. Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a full range of software with product integration not only for Office 365 and Power BI, but also Yammer, Lync, Skype and many other social conferencing systems that employees, customers, and business partners already use?