Business Process Improvement

Our mission is to competitively streamline business processes, whether they be costly, laborious and lengthy tasks requiring a complete overhaul, or adopting a new way of thinking or approach, to help reduce your costs and increase revenue.

As many of Young Jedi's systems are bespoke, we are confident and comfortable working across a vast range of industries. Our clients include large OEMs in the automotive and plumbing sectors, to small accountancy and recruitment firms.  Young Jedi's systems can be focussed specifically in a troubled / labour intense area of a business (for example we deal with numerous quality and human resource departments), to company-wide solutions building upon Microsoft's CRM platform.

We spend time getting to know our clients and their businesses thoroughly, ensuring efficient and effective solutions are implemented. We use platforms that can be adapted and expanded upon, as their business develops and grows.

Young Jedi are a registered Microsoft Partner. We are kept up to date with all the latest technology first hand, meaning you don't have to. We won't baffle you with technical jargon and can provide excellent support services, should you need them.

Long gone are the days of having an unreliable server in a back office. Our systems are almost always Cloud based, meaning no big outlays of investment in equipment or expensive maintenance and upgrade costs.

Want to improve the effectiveness of your business processes? Get in touch.